Social Labor Party

We are the social justice group called Social Labor Party we help protect people in workforce right’s. We’re going to talk about what we will do to help them. For example, we will look for laws that protect them in the workforce. As another example, farm worker’s face dangerous or they are not getting paid the minimum wage. We will find out how to guarantee them equality in the workforce and make sure that their rights protect them from being paid less than minimum wage and that the workforce is working in a more safe environment.- Johnathan R.


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  1. mhm2theworld · May 21, 2015

    This really provides people with valuable information, I love what your guys are doing here. My grandfather who I love so very much lived this life for so many years, grew up in a poor working class family, he did not go to college and began working at a very young age in order to help support his family. Through the stories he has told me I understand the struggle that he went through, when it came to the long harsh hours in the hot sun and the pay not being very good. I support your cause 100%, great message, keep up the good work!
    Ryan F.

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